FAQ Glossary

Title Definition
Blacklist A list used to monitor and block potential threats.
Bounceback An automated email message that informs the send of an email that his/her message was unable to be delivered. Causes could range from a full mailbox that doesn't have room for any additional messages to an email address that doesn't exist anymore. Be sure to read the message in its entirety to understand why it was unable to be sent.
Credentials In the context of networking, credentials often refer to a specific username and password combination used for accessing a specific service.
DSL Digital Subscriber Line. Broadband internet service delivered over a copper telephone line.
IP Internet Protocol. Commonly referred to as 'IP address' - or a way of identifying you on a network.
ISP Internet Service Provider.
Modem Modulator-demodulator. Device provided by your Internet Service Provider that allows you to make a connection to the internet. Not to be confused with a wireless router.
OS Operating System. Example(s): Windows 8, Mac OS X Yosemite.
Phishing Attempting to defraud a person/company by posing as a legitimate company. Phishing attempts are often after usernames, passwords, and financial information.
Power Cycle See 'reboot'. To turn a device off and back on.