What are the some of the big issues encountered with VoIP calls and how can they be fixed?

Generally, some of the larger issues encountered with VoIP calls are:

  • Choppy/dropped/delayed/garbled voice transmission. This can be caused by network congestion, improperly set up QoS (quality of service), lack of bandwidth on the network, and internet issues, 
  • Static/echoing. These issues can be cased by loose cable connections (either to handset or the phone, for example), a malfunctioning hand/phone set, electromagnetic interference, and sound volume settings and/or use of speakerphone.

If you're experiencing choppy/dropped/delayed/garbled calls, here are some suggestions:

  1. Check if there's been any additions to your local area network. Have any changes been made on the firewall? Are new internet services being used that might consume more bandwidth on the network? A good way to determine if it might be a network issue is to find out whether you're the only person with call quality issues, or if the other phone users are experiencing the issues, too. If other users are experiencing the issues, you're likely looking at a network issue.
  2. Check the performance of your internet connection. Can you get to websites without problems? Run a speed test at speedtest.net to find what speed you're getting. If you are having network issues, please contact your ISP or network administrator to diagnose the issue.
  3. Have your network administrator ensure that voice traffic is prioritized on your network. Meganet will provide ideal settings that can be used.

If you're experiencing static/echoing on calls, try:

  1. First check all the above items are not a factor.
  2. Check all connections to your phone and handset.
  3. If using speakerphone, try turning down the volume.
  4. Using the above speed test, ensure your latency measurement is below 150 ms.

If you're still having issues, please contact us at 508-646-0030 or support@meganet.net to troubleshoot further.

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