How can I release my domain name?

Releasing a domain name involves changing ownership of the domain name you have registered with us. It means that we're no longer in charge of renewals and other maintenance, and you can move the domain to a registrar of your choice.

To release your domain name, you must...

  1. Ensure your account is paid up to date.
  2. Ensure the primary contact on the account requests the release (we will not accept release requests from third parties, IT companies, etc.)

Once requested, the domain name authorization code (some would refer to this as the password to the domain), will be sent to the administrative contact on on the domain's WHOIS listing. That code can then be used to move the domain name to a registrar of your choice.

The release of a domain name does not constitute as an account closure. After the domain name is successfully transferred out, you must contact us in order to cancel the account/services.


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