What are the requirements for optimal call quality using Meganet's VoIP service?

A reliable internet connection is required. See our recommended bandwidth page for more in-depth information.

  • One call requires approximately 100 Kbps for each direction of the call. For instance, ten simultaneous calls would require - at minimum - a 5 Mbps connection. 2 Mbps for voice traffic, and the rest for yoru regulat internet traffic.

If a firewall or network-security implementation is being used on your network, please ensure that the following ports are open.

  • UDP ports 5060 - 65535
  • TCP ports 5090-5099, 8801-8802, 443, 80

Enable 'traffic prioritization' - giving voice-packets priority over data-packets. Set a minimum-guaranteed-bandwidth, for the prioritized traffic. This would be the total bandwidth required for your 'x' amount of anticipated, concurrent calls.

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