I'm not getting some emails, are they being blocked?

If you are expecting a certain message, and you're not receiving it (also assuming the sender is not receiving a bounceback message), it may be getting caught in the spam filter.

To access your spam filter, do the following:

  • Visit http://fightmyspam.com/ - your MegaNet-provided spam filter.
  • Log in using your full email address and regular email password.

Once logged in, you will see messages that have been trapped. Each message has a drop-down menu on the left that allows you to take specific actions. Here are the options commonly used:

  • Accept Message: accepts the message once.
  • Whitelist sender: accepts the message and prevents emails from the address from being blocked again.
  • Whitelist domain: accepts the message and prevent emails from that domain from being blocked again.

You do not need to blacklist items already trapped. The filter will remove those messages after 5-7 days automatically.


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